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August 03, 2017
Keynote: JiZhen does not share/sell any of your personal data. We are proud to say that we are one of the fighters for users privacy and we are strongly committed to this principle and to being as transparent as possible.

This privacy notice applies to and all the JiZhen websites located on the subdomains, and describes in detail what information may be collected about you when you visit them.


When you visit our website, our server may place a small data file called a “cookie” (sometimes called “web cookie” or “browser cookie”) on your hard drive. Most commercial websites use cookies. By using our site you agree to the use of cookies as described in this privacy notice... The data we acquire from cookies is processed by various analytics tools and may be used to:

  • Determine your geographic location (via your IP address and automated geolocation techniques). Geolocation data helps us to deliver content in the correct language, offer region- or country-specific products, and identify your local currency in the event of a purchase.
  • Acquire basic information about the computer, tablet, or mobile phone that you use to visit us. This helps us to offer you the right product.Collect anonymous information in order to improve the accuracy of our services. We can also use cookies to collect anonymous information regarding downloads of our products from download site(s); this information is used only for statistical purposes, and no personal information is collected or stored.
  • Help you log in by remembering your user credentials (depending on which options you select in your profile settings). We may also use cookies to record user registration information. Cookies can help us identify your preferences, including language and currency, for future use. Cookies usually expire within 30-60 days.

Important: If you wish, you can always disable cookies on your web browsing software. But please note that certain features of our products and services may not function properly without the aid of cookies.

Interacting with JiZhen websites

When you visit our website

We may use cookies, third-party web analytics, GIFs, device information, and IP addresses for functionality and to better understand the use of our site by our visitors.

Analytics & Metrics: We currently use several website analytics tools. These tools help us understand the use of our site by our visitors by collecting information.

which we consider the best option from the privacy point of view as data is not shared with third parties (service providers) and we manage it ourselves. Eventually we will switch over to this service only.

In the meantime we as well use Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. Users who wish to avoid tracking by Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika can prevent data collection.

To hide yourself: Install Google Analytics opt-out extension and Yandex opt-out add-on. We do not track users across third-party websites to provide targeted advertising. If you have enabled “Do Not Track” option when accessing JiZhen websites, no tools from Analytics & Metrics will be used.

When you download JiZhen products

You are not required to disclose any personal information in order to download any of our products.

When you purchase JiZhen products

When you pay for JiZhen products the billing is generally handled by a third-party service provider. In most cases the service provider is acting as our reseller; thus, you will be making your purchase from the service provider directly, and not from JiZhen. The handling of your personal information will be governed by any privacy policy or terms of service published by the service provider.

We save the information you enter on the order page. This information can be used in the future if you request your license key to be recovered.

The third-party service provider may transmit some of your personal information to us, but not including payment information, unless you specifically agree (as may be the case in the event of a purchase with auto-renewal). We may use the information we receive (not including payment information) to verify your registration or license status, to contact you about the status of your account, or for renewal of your subscription, if applicable.

About comment section

We use Disqus for comment sections on and In this case we do not collect any data about you, but please note that data might be collected by Disqus, when you leave a comment or simply visit a page with Disqus comments, and managed according to Disqus privacy policy.

Third-party content and sites

If we offer links to third-party sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or others — they do not share any data unless you specifically click the button.

News subscriptions

Our website offers news and information by subscription including newsletters, blogs, or others. If you decide to subscribe to these services you may be asked to provide your email address.

Nevertheless you can always unsubscribe from our newsletters them via JiZhen account or by clicking “Unsubscribe” button in the newsletter itself.